Capricorn Organics cover South East London and neighbouring areas.     




You can choose items for your individual order from the price guide (right click to open in a new window for viewing side by side) or choose a standard box if you prefer.

All orders must be in by 10pm on Tuesday for delivery on Thursday and will be dealt with by Paul. Use our Webform (below), phone or email us, details below.

You can pay by electronic transfer to
account number 68425449
sort code 08-92-50 pls put your surname as a reference

or post a cheque to
PC Organics
25 Bute Gardens West
Surrey SM6 8SP

Send us an order :

Please feel free to contact us with your order using any of the methods below.
We will need your name, address, post code and email/phone number to confirm delivery day.

Order or enquiry:

Please remember we need your:

Name, Address, Post Code and Email/Phone Number


020 8773 8863



1. Your own individual order

Minimum £10 - Let us have your fruit and vegetable shopping list and we will deliver it to you, subject to quality and availability.

2. Mixed seasonal selection

Minimum £10 - Varying weekly, this is our version of a box. It offers good value for money. Please let us know what your dislikes are and we won’t include them in your order. Fruit can be added to your box individually or a seasonal selection at £7.50.

3. Baby weaning boxes

Which will include fruit and veg for £12, just let us know what your baby is currently eating !

Eggs, and cheese and herbs are also available.


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